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Bosar Selenium 3000
Selenium is one of the indispensable trace elements in the growth of animal, and its powerful biological antioxidant function can’t be replaced by vitamin E. To improve the organism on the immune response selenium is also the most important trace element. At the same time selenium plays an important role to the organism’s anti oxidative stress, etc. Compared with organic selenium source inorganic selenium exist many problems, such as the toxicity is stronger, biological utilization rate is low and the use of dose is difficult to grasp, while the organic selenium has lesser toxicity and higher absorptivity. According to the active transport mechanism organic selenium is absorbed and utilized sufficiently. It is applied to livestock and aquatic increasingly wide in recent years.

Product Features:
Bosar selenium is a kind of organic selenium which is more secure, stable and easier to absorb, and little pollution to environment.
Minimize the toxicity of selenium and the absorption rate is higher than inorganic selenium. It is also greatly improved the body’s absorption of selenium storage.
Adopt modern biotechnology by fermentation, separation, concentration, and spray-drying so as to produce.
Bosar selenium and VE have synergy that can reduce the amount of VE.
Bosar Se 3000, the selenium content is 0.3%, equivalent to concentration for 3000mg/kg or 3000ppm, and the specifications for 0.1%, 0.2% and 0.5% are available.
Strain used: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
– Improve the animal’s immune function and the antibody levels.
– Improve pork quality and reduce PSE phenomena. Increase muscle colour and lustre. Enhance water holding and prolong meat shelf life.
– Prevent Stress Syndrome broiler, and reduce ascites and sudden death syndrome.
– Reduce egg Syndrome and extend the period of peak egg laying hens.
– Improve the fecundity of the animals, and improve the fertilization rate and the number of egg laying. Extend the useful life of the species of livestock and poultry.
– Low toxicity, high conversion.
It can be used for the production of selenium-enriched milk, the selenium-enriched eggs, selenium-enriched meat and other products.


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