Bosar Selenium 5000 for Animal Health


Bosar Selenium 5000
Selenium is one of the indispensable trace elements in animal growth. Its powerful biological antioxidant function cannot be replaced by vitamin E. It is also one of the most important trace elements in improving the immune response of the body. Inorganic selenium has many problems such as strong toxicity, low bioavailability, and difficult to control the dosage. Organic selenium is less toxic and is absorbed by the body through the active transport mechanism, the absorption rate is higher. Therefore, organic selenium has been used more widespreadly in livestock and aquatic products in recent years.

Bosar Se 5000 is an organic selenium produced by submerged fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a selenium-rich media. The new post-fermentation process can increase the selenium content in the product.

Product Features:
– A red organic selenium, safe, stable, high bioavailability, and environmental-friendly.
– Free-flowing, dust free with optimum dispersion quality, ensuring a constant and regular level in the ration.
– Do not react with other ingredients such as metal ions or vitamins, and ensure complete stability in premixes.
– Minimize the toxicity of selenium, and greatly improve the body’s absorption, deposition and storage of selenium.
– The efficient submerged fermentation technology is adopted to keep the stable quality, and the new post-fermentation process increases the selenium content in the product, which is more economical for animal use.

-Improve the animal’s immune function and increase the antibody level.
-Improve meat quality, reduce PSE(pale, soft, exudative) phenomenon, increase muscle color and lustre, increase meat water retention, and extend meat shelf life.
-Prevent stress syndrome and reduce ascites and sudden death in broilers.
-Improve the reproductive capacity of animals, increase fertilization rate and number of litters (eggs), and extend the service life of breeding livestock and poultry.
-With low toxicity and high conversion rate, Bosar Se can be used to produce selenium-enriched milk, selenium-enriched eggs, selenium-enriched meat, etc.
– There is a synergy between Bosar Se and VE, and using Bosar Se can reduce the dosage of VE.


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