Clopidol Pure & Premix, GMP Manufacturer



Specifications:Pure, 25% Premix.
CAS NO.:2971-90-6
Pure: White or almost white;Odorless;Slightly soluble in sodium hydroxide, very slightly solublein ethanol, and in soluble in water, acetone, ethylether, or benzene etc.
– As a coccidiostat, has a wider anti-insect spectrum.
– Improve growth and laying.
– Low poison and stable.
Mainly affects spore’s developmental stages, enabling the spores stop growing in the epithelial cells as long as 60 days, has an inhibiting effect on 2ND generation
Schizonts reproduction, gamete reproduction and spore formation.After stopping, sub-spores can re-grow and develop.
Usage&Dosage: Mixed Feeding.
– As this product has just inhibitory effect on the coccidia’s development and significant inhibitory effect on the immune-system, therefore chicken should be fed continuously and can’t be hastily suspended.
– Forbid using in laying chicken.
– Do not exceed the recommended dose.
– Use protecting cloths, rubber gloves and antidust mask when handing and mixing the product.


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