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Cotton Seed Meal is your floor meal from cottonseeds following the cottonseed meal was extracted. Its evaluation is 6-2-1. The nitrogen is nearly 85 percent water resistant. Cottonseed meal may acidify soil in a worth of 9-lbs CaCO3 (calcium carbonate or pure carrot ) each 100-lbs. See Vegetable Protein beans from the General Information Section.

Cotton seed meal is a top protein by-product in the extraction of petroleum out of whole cottonseed. There are just two different processing techniques used to extract the oil in the cottonseed, and they vary in the quantity of oil (fat) they depart from the meal. The quantity of oil left from the meal influences its energy value.

Cotton seed meal is palatable and generally can be used in cattle rations from the western and southern U.S. Solvent extracted cottonseed meal will be the more common of these two forms and contains about 89% of their energy value of 44 percent protein soybean meal.

Cotton seed meal includes gossypol. Under normal conditions, however, even high-producing cows won’t consume sufficient cottonseed meal to endure with gossypol toxicity.

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