Product: Whole Fresh Sugar Apple / Custard Apple / Sweetsop

Export Type: FRESH, Delivered via AIR or Sea Containers

Origin: Vietnam

Color: Green Skin, White Flesh

Taste: Sweet Naturally

Size: 250GR UP, 300GR UP, 400GR UP…
Package: Individually Wrapped, in Carton

Certification: ISO, HACCP

Nutrition Value: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Fiber, Potassium

Nutrition Benefits: Promote Heart Healthy, Ideal for Pregnant Women, Maintain Healthy and Youthful Skin,
Prevent Asthma, Regulate Sugar Level, Control Blood Pressure, Boost Energy, Promote Healthy Bones,
Anti-cancer Properties, Treat Toothache, Prevent Anemia, Promote Digestion

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