Pharmaceutical Chemical Feed Additives Neomycin Sulphate with GMP


Neomycin Sulphate

CAS NO.: 1405-10-3

Molecular Formula / Weight: C23H46N6O13 / 614.64

Molecular Structure:

Appearance: White or or yellowish-white powder.
Neomycin potency:
Not less than 680IU/g (EP9.0).
Not less than 600ug/mg (USP40).

This product belongs to the aminoglycoside antibiotics containing 2-deoxystreptamine structure, which can inhibit the biosynthesis of proteins and thus inhibit and kill the bacteria.

-This product has a strong bactericidal effect on Gram-negative bacteria and some Gram-positive bacteria. It has an inhibition to Actinomycetes, Leptospira, and Amoeba.
– This product is commonly used in the treatment and control of enteritis, diarrhea, infectious rhinitis, respiratory tract infections caused by Neomycin Sulfate-resistant bacteria (Escherichia coli, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Arizona, Proteus, Bacillus anthracis, Streptococcus, Brucella, Aerogenes).

– Usage One
Mix the product well with drinking water. Recommended Dosage:
Add 35 ppm-70 ppm of Neomycin to the drinking water. That is, add 50 g -100 g of this product to 1000 L of drinking water. Administrate continuously for 3 days -5 days.
– Usage Two
Mix the product well with feed. Recommended Dosage:
Add 70 ppm-140 ppm of Neomycin to the full formula feed. That is, add 100 g -200 g of this product to 1000 kg of the full formula feed. Administrate continuously for 3 days -5 days.
– Usage Three
For per kilogram of animal body weight, oral administrate this product to animal with the usage of 15 mg-25 mg of this product per day and divide the recommended dosage for two same part to take. Administrate continuously for 3 days -5 days.

– It cannot be used in feeds containing bentonite.
– Quinoline coccidiostat are easy to produce drug resistance. It is suggested that this product is only used in the coccidia outbreak peak use. And continuous use is no more than 4 weeks.

Withdrawal Period: 5 days.

Package: 25kg/drum, 20bou/drum

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, in sealed or closed container. Avoid exposing to sunlight directly.

Expiry: Two years.


Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Guangzhou Haicheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • Vendor: Vicky Li
  • Address: China 510700
    Guangdong / 广东, Guangzhou, Greenland Central Plaza, No.48, Science Avenue, Huangpu District, Room 2612-2616, 26th Floor, Building E
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