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Product introduction

Brazil nut, also known as Brazil chestnut, is a kind of nut material originated in Brazil. Its shape is very unique, very similar to abalone, so people also like to call it abalone fruit. Brazil nut has a high nutritional value, health care function, white and fragrant kernel. It tastes crispy and delicious, especially fragrant and has a strong aftertaste. It is rich in nutrition, including 14% protein, 11% carbohydrate and 67% fat. About 25% of fat is saturated fat, 41% is monounsaturated fat and 34% is polyunsaturated fat. Brazil chestnut is the nut with the highest content of saturated fat in nut food, and its saturated fat content is even higher than that of macadamia nut. Brazil chestnut is rich in selenium, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, carotene and so on. The content of calcium, phosphorus and iron is also higher than other nuts. Brazil nut is the plant with the highest content of organic selenium, which can promote the synthesis of glutathione.

Efficacy and function of the product

1. Brazil nut can strengthen brain

Brain building is one of the important functions of Brazil nut. It contains protein, fat, carrot and many kinds of vitamins, as well as a large number of amino acids and minerals. These substances can provide sufficient nutrition for the human brain, can strengthen the brain, benefit the brain and prevent brain aging.

2. Brazil nuts can nourish the body

Nourishing the body is also one of the important functions of Brazil nuts. It contains a large number of natural oils, and these oils are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. When they enter the human body, they are conducive to the absorption of fat soluble cellulose in the human body, which can replenish the Qi, relieve the weakness of the body, and also have great benefits for the health care after human disease. Abalone fruit is rich in high-quality oil, which is conducive to the absorption of fat soluble vitamins in the human body, and has a good nourishing effect on the weak, weak and hungry people. The kernel contains 65-70% oil, 13-17% protein and 8% water compound. It is mainly used for processing candy and other food, and oil is edible. The latest research shows that Brazil nuts have a significant effect on alcohol and liver protection. Because of its excellent taste and rich nutrition, Brazilian chestnut has the title of “king of nuts”.

3. Brazil nut can improve memory

Brazil nuts contain a variety of trace elements, and the content of selenium is relatively high. This substance can promote the synthesis of glutathione, improve the activity of human brain cells, and improve memory after entering the human body. Usually, the middle-aged and elderly people eat Brazil nuts more often can effectively reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.


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