3 ways to prevent greenhouse damage

The greenhouse is a whole closed greenhouse system. If the greenhouse is damaged, it will affect the normal use. For the greenhouse, we should try our best to prevent and control its damage. The glass greenhouse manufacturers make up the methods to prevent the damage of the greenhouse.

prevent greenhouse damage

1, To build a skeleton greenhouse, this kind of greenhouse is a new skeleton greenhouse made of special cement and steel. This kind of greenhouse has strong compression resistance, strong supporting force, and is durable. It can be built once without recycling every year. Its service life is 15-20 years, up to 30 years. What’s more, it is not afraid of the damage of strong wind in winter and spring. It can also be used as a scaffold for planting melons and vegetables in summer.

2, When the old bamboo on the shed is replaced year by year in the maintenance of the greenhouse, the old bamboo shall be replaced with new bamboo year by year, and the proportion of two arches of new bamboo sandwiched with one arch of old bamboo shall be replaced. In this way, a part of the old bamboo with long service life and non compression resistance can be eliminated year by year, which is conducive to preventing damage by strong wind.

3, In order to save investment, some farmers will reuse the old film without tension for many years. This kind of old shed film is poor in wind resistance and easy to break when the wind blows. This kind of film is not recommended to be used as a ceiling, but it can be used as a small arch in a greenhouse. 4、 After the film is covered by the greenhouse shed beside the foot film, the film pressing ditch shall be dug on both sides, the edge of the shed film shall be tightened, and the soil shall be covered and compacted. If the soil is too dry, it can be properly sprinkled with water and compacted with feet to prevent the edge of the foot film from being lifted by the strong wind.